Victory poses are the poses, dances, or other methods of showing off the fact that they've won that are used on the Victory Screen in Super Smash Bros. In Battle Royale, these are quite similar from the previous games, with some small "changes" that actually improve the experience.

Changes from Brawl to Battle Royale

  • Each character has four victory poses instead of 3. To add onto that, there's one character specific pose that each character gets, depending on who they fight.
  • Unless it's the character specific pose, the victory pose itself can be chosen using the (using a Gamecube controller) Y, X, B, or Z button.
  • After the pose is finished, any player can taunt, and by doing so, will be allowed to roam free. The winner can attack, but the losers cannot, although the losers can still roam freely.
    • During this phase, to re-do your pose, press the L and R buttons.
  • The background is undecided at this point, although it will be different from Brawl's.

Victory Poses


  • (Y) Mario leans his right arm back and spins it a few times. He then punches forward and yells, "Ha!" (as a grunt). He steps forward when he does it.
  • (X) Mario crouches down, and then jumps in a complete circle. When he lands, one leg is bent, and above is his arm, which is bent upward (to represent "Yes!").
  • (B) Mario holds his hand out, which has spurts of fire coming out of it. After a short while, Mario quickly changes into a combat pose.
  • (Z) Mario, from a distance, performs a Triple Jump to the front of the screen where 1st place normally is. He then performs a quick turn around, turns his head around, and gives a thumbs up.
  • Character specific pose: Bowser. Mario is shown holding the axe from Super Mario Bros. He drops it and sighs a sigh of exhaustion and relief.


  • (Y) Kirby spins to left and moves his arms in a circle twice. He then jumps to right, crouches, and thrusts his hand up, smiling.
  • (X) Kirby jumps to right, then jumps to the left twice. He shakes his bottom at the screen, and then jumps to the right again. He repeats the end of the last pose, still smiling.
  • (B) Kirby spins to the right. He then walks to the left with one foot facing in that direction, staring at the screen. He spins to the center and sticks his hand up, smiling.
  • (Z) Kirby falls onto the ground and waves to the audience quickly, and the spins in several different circles. He then stops and sticks his hands up in the air, and waves at the audience, similar to the ending of Spring Breeze in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • Character Specific Pose: King Dedede. Kirby is seen with Masked Dedede's mask on. He then takes it off and stares at it, confused. He then shrugs and gobbles it down, rubbing his tummy.