This page contains matchup ratings and tactics against other characters when playing as Tron Bonne.








Meta Knight

King Dedede


Captain Falcon

Rating: 45-55 (Falcon)

This matchup is very winnable for Tron. However, more effort needs to be put in than with Falcon. Captain Falcon is all about being quick: He's got nice speed, strong attacks to KO you fast, and nice hitbox on his moves to make sure he doesn't have to repeat his mistakes. Tron is also a relatively fast character, although in a different way. Bonne Rush is a very fast move which covers nice distance, and her air speed is very nice.

One thing Tron really needs to look out for is Falcon's incredible KO Power. Since his Falcon Punch is relatively fast now, Tron will have to look out if he punishes the Bonne Rush, as Falcon Punch does the trick nicely. Some other moves of his, like his Smashes and The Knee of Justice, have some nasty knockback. The Knee is especially problematic, as Tron is a large lightweight. Falcon will have an easy time sweetspotting it on a light character.

Of course, Tron has a much better air game than Falcon, so she should be fine up there. Falcon has some nice anti-airs on him, but they can be punished if dodged. She has a lot of very good combo starters in the air, and since Falcon is a heavy fast faller, she can get some nasty combos on him. Not only that, but if he does try to set up a Knee of Justice, Tron does have the option of using Servbot Launcher to counter the Knee. Just know that it does leave Tron vulnerable to attack.

In the battle of Final Smashes, Tron will always reign supreme in the Final Smash battle. Lunch Rush is just outstanding, there's so many different ways to set it up. Falcon Counter is a nice move that's pulled out of nowhere, but Falcon will need to get lucky. For Battle Attacks, Falcon easily wins. Come on, Blue Falcon! is so much better than King Servbot, in just about every way. If, for whatever reason, you're in a state where you can get hit by it, Falcon's Ultimate Smash is better than Blast from the Gesselchaft. Either way, both Ultimate Smashes aren't too impressive in this matchup.

Overall, Tron can handle a lot of what Falcon has over her, however if Falcon can get past Tron's counters, she is doomed. This is very winnable for both characters, although Falcon gets a very slight edge for his strength.

Tron Bonne Dittos

Not much to say. Just try to out-Tron your opponent.

Lloyd Irving