In Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, there is a new storyline, replacing The Subspace Emissary. In this storyline, the fighters are each asked to fight in an Arena in a way similar to a tournament. This is hosted by Master Hand, who had caused the veteran fighters many problems in the past. Master Hand states that every fighter will have the chance to fight him, as well as some new opponents. Each smasher, except the Pokemon Trainer, agree to this instantly.

Note that this is still under construction, so there will be more to come in the future.

You must clear Classic Mode with (at least) one character before playing this mode. Beating this mode will allow you to start unlocking characters.


  • TBA

General Info

  • Difficulty is based on stars/astersisk (*). The minimum amount of stars is 1, and the max is 10.

Prologue: Initiation

Prologue: Initiation

Quick rundown: Master Hand begins sending a challenge to all of the Smashers in Battle Royale. A special invite is sent to a select few Smashers, who are listed on the page. They are put to the test from Master Hand to see if they are worthy of serving him for his "Ultimate Plan". After all is said and done, these villains greet the other Smashers at the tournament... only to find out Mario, Peach, and Luigi aren't there! Master Hand sends Fawful to find them...

The Battle Arena is currently under a massive overhaul. Come back soon to see the new Battle!