Sturm's Land is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. It is based off of the Sturm's Land stage in Advance Wars Dual Strike.

Stage Mechanics

Anyone who's played AW1/2 knows who Sturm is. In AW3 (Dual Strike), Sturm gets a stage based off his head.

This stage is unique. For one, it's enormous: Not like New Pork, but in a different way: You're on a 2D plane (this is a 2D fighter with 3D graphics, after all). After a while (2-3 minutes), Sturm will appear and use his SCOP. A meteor will fall from the sky and destroy the ground, moving you to a new part of Sturm's Land.

The meteor will only harm you if you come in contact with it- otherwise, you just get knocked away to a different part of the stage. If it hits you, though... It deals 999%. It's a 1HKO, but it's fairly easy to avoid.

There are also some pieces of land that make you slower- mountains and woods. If you happen to find an HQ, you can slowly heal yourself- but it's 1% per 2 seconds, and finding said HQ is rare- Sturm only knocks you there 3.33% of the time.


  • Sturm's Theme (Advance Wars) [1]
  • Von Bolt's Theme (Advance Wars Dual Strike) [2]
  • Black Hole Super CO Power (Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising) (The theme is remixed, just not the link) [3]
  • Orange Star Medley (Advance Wars) (Andy's Anthem, Max's Theme, Sami's Theme (in order))
    • Andy's Anthem Remix (will be used): [4] (0:00-0:22)
    • Max's Theme (No remix found): [5] (0:11-0:51)
    • Sami's Theme Remix (Will be used): [6] (0:47-1:02)
    • Andy's Anthem Remix (2:26-3:01). Then it repeats.
  • Blue Moon Medley (Advance Wars)
  • Hachi's Theme (Advance Wars)
  • For Global Harmony (Advance Wars Dual Strike)
  • Black Hole Medley (Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising, Unlock)
  • Eagle's Theme (Advance Wars, Unlock)
  • Kanbei's Theme (Advance Wars, Unlock)


  • Obviously, Sturm makes a cameo. As described before, he uses his SCOP to destroy parts of the stage.
  • Andy can sometimes be seen riding on a tank in the background. It soon breaks, and Andy fixes it.
  • Max can also be seen riding a tank, and it breaks. Instead of fixing it, he punches it forward.
  • Sami can be seen sometimes walking along with Infantry. Eagle flies above her on a bomber, with a taunting smile.

Competitive Play

In tournaments, Sturm's Land is a Counter/Neutral. Aside from Meteor Strike, this is a fairly normal stage. Meteor Strike is really game changing, however. Also, there is a rare chance you will find an HQ that will heal you (emphasis on rare). The Codecs aren't really that distracting, though.