The Spider Ball is a technique that Samus can use in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale.

How to Perform

To perform the Spider Ball, run to the edge of a stage with Samus. When you fall off, immediately use her Bomb (Down Special). Then, direct Samus back to the stage. If done correctly, Samus will have dropped the bomb on the very edge of the stage. This is very useful for playing mindgames against your opponents, as well as protecting the ledge from opponents.

Major Uses in Battle Royale

  • Clearly, the biggest use is for edgeguarding. Your opponent will be hit by the bomb if they try to grab the ledge; keep that in mind.
  • You can combo into a Dair if timed properly. You may not even have to combo into it, depending on who you're fighting. It depends on how good their vertical recovery is.
  • You can actually repeatedly use this tactic as many times as you like, so your opponent is essentially forced to go above the ledge. However, this technique is hard, so it's not suggested.