Codecs (in name only) for the Professor Layton series. These codecs will take place on the Misthallery stage.


Luke: Oh, I know this one, Professor! That's Princess Peach!

Layton: Good work, Luke. Yes, that is indeed the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach.

Luke: I wonder what life is like for her, being a princess and all.

Layton: Unfortunately, she is the victim of several kidnappings. Thankfully, her loyal and true Mario always saves her from harm.

Luke: Who could kidnap someone like a princess so many times and not regret it? It's terrible!

Layton: Yes, indeed. Many people have kidnapped her in the past, but it's most commonly Bowser, King of the Koopa's.

Luke: I think you should teach this Bowser some manners, Professor!

Layton: Ha ha! My boy, that wouldn't be easy. However, I can see why he would want to be in Peach's presence. She's a very elegant lady.

Luke: Maybe we can have a chat over some tea with her, Professor!

Layton: Outstanding idea, Luke. After all, a true gentleman can never have enough tea!