Codecs for the Metal Gear franchise. More to come!


Otacon: Oh! Snake! You're fighting Fawful?

Snake: This annoying little bean can kiss my...! Yeah, I'm fighting Fawful.

Otacon: I see. I'd be careful if I were you, then, Snake.

Snake: You coulda told me about this thing before, genius!

Otacon: Sorry, Snake. But Fawful is a scientific genius. He can hack into an entire castle and make it... move!

Snake: A moving castle, huh...?

Otacon: Not only that, but he may have some power leftover from the Dark Star, a creature of pure evil. If that's the case, you're in a bad situation, Snake.

Snake: I've been in worse. Besides, some animals may hate me, but a bean? Never thought that would happen.

Otacon: That's... actually a good point, Snake.