A joke character is a comman phrase used most in Fighting Games, although it applies to every single genre. Basically, it refers to a character that is absolutely useless and is basically playable for the sole reason to be really bad. If a character looks like a joke character, or has been a joke character in the past, but is really good, he/she is a Lethal Joke Character.

Joke Character in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale

While there aren't any joke characters in Battle Royale, Mr. Resetti is a joke assist. He is basically there to do nothing but ramble on and on, doing nothing but wasting your time. Aside from him, there really aren't any joke characters.

Lethal Joke Characters

There are a few Lethal Joke Characters in BR. Their intention may not have been "be a joke", but that's how they wound up to be; or at least, deceiving you into thinking they are jokes. But they are not.

  • Easily the strongest example of a Lethal Joke Character in BR is Pichu. The lightest character in the game, also the smallest. He's relatively low tier as of Tier List 3, and can actually hurt himself with an electrical attack. However, he does have enough good qualities to him to make him a good character; in fact, Kirbyfan66 predicts Pichu will rise to be, at the least, C tier by Tier List 4.
  • Another fairly strong example is Fawful. While he mainly fits under the comical Joke Character than the skillful Joke Character, can still be considered a joke due to his overall goofiness. He's much more of a serious character in combat, as well as The Battle Arena. He's also B tier in Tier List 3.