• Event Match Name: War of the Lords
  • Description: When the lords get angry, they fight! What happens when 4 fight... eachother?!?
  • Stock, Time, or Coins: Stock (1 each)
  • Stage: Fire Emblem Stage
  • You: Select: Ike, Marth, Roy, Hector. Whoever you select gets a damage increase.
  • Opponent(s): Whoever you didn't select. They get a damage decrease.
  • Teams: No.
  • To Win: Be the last lord standing.
  • What You Win: Varies:
    • Win with Roy: Unlock Lilina as an Assist.
    • Win with Ike: Obtain the Black Knight trophy.
    • Win with Marth: Unlock Marth's Colors 7-10 for free.
    • Win with Hector: Obtain the Eliwood trophy.

Another fairly interesting event match. Winning with Roy easily gets you the best reward, although Marth's reward isn't bad. For you 100% completionists, Hector and Ike have good rewards, too.