Sometimes, things are just plain weird. The concepts of reality are broken, and when someone asks what's going on, you reply:

Don't ask.

In Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, this is a very common incident seen with just about every single character, as well as some Assists.


  • Marx:
    • Marx can perform an aerial headbutt.
  • Mr. Game and Watch:
    • His Final Smash has him throw a Game and Watch handheld at his opponent. If it hits, Game and Watch turns 3D, stealing the opponents moveset. The opponent turns 2D, having to use a nerfed version of Game and Watch's moveset.
  • Professor Layton:
    • His Ultimate Smash has him, Luke, and Flora solving a puzzle that forms an enormous beam to fire at the opponent.
  • Kamek:
    • During Kamek's Battle Attack, his minions stay out one extra second than they normally do.
  • Luigi:
    • The entire character can be seen as a Don't ask character. To name some specific examples:
      • Luigi's health will gradually heal during his Utaunt if you're damage is over 200%.
      • Luigi's Dtaunt will meteor smash the opponent if they're in the air.
      • The Negative Zone. Just... the Negative Zone.


  • Luke's alternate outfit is Flora. Should speak for itself.


The Battle Arena

  • Examples coming when the Battle Arena is updated.