Competitive play is a staple of the fighting game industry. It's basically what's held at a tournament; all rules applying. Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, like previous Smash games, has a competitive scene. The game is designed so the competitive scene is much easier to play with, while still making it easy to have many Casual matches.

Rules for Competitive Play

Competitive play is simple, actually. A rundown of how it's played is shown below:

  • First, select a character and color. This is extremely simple, please don't mess this up. If it's a Team Royale Tournament, then each player selects their teams as well.
  • Second, choose your partner or your assist. This is optional and will likely only apply to specific tournaments. If it's a Team Royale Tournament, then this step is skipped.
  • Fourth, the match. >> After the match, the loser picks his next character first; essentially repeating the first two steps. Then the winner selects a character, repeating the first two steps. Or, if you want, just pick the same characters again.
  • Fifth, you may select a Counterpick Stage, as well a Neutral Stage. If a Counter/Banned stage is allowed, you may select that, as well.

Matches are best 2 out of 3; after match 2, if someone hasn't won, you repeat steps 4-5.


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