This page contains matchup ratings and tactics against other characters when playing as Bowser.




Bowser Dittos

Not much to say about these. Just try to out-Bowser your opponent.


Rating: 20-80 (Fawful)

One word of advice before I begin: Good luck. The Fawful match-up is extremely hard for Bowser. Basically everything Bowser can do, Fawful can counter. Bowser cannot punish Fawful's demonic range game. And when Fawful summons something, things get even worse. Fawful can freely spam his Down Special (Fawful's Fury) with no problem from Bowser, making his attacks all the more powerful for a short period of time. And when Fawful gets his Smash Gauge high enough...

Probably the best thing to do as Bowser is spam your Final Smash. Fawful can do a lot to punish it, but a lot less than anything else Bowser can do. Using your Ultimate Smash isn't a bad idea, but it's a command grab. Fawful, on the other hand, has everything at his disposal. Normally, Fawful Show is useless, however with Fawful's insane keep away and Bowser's awful approach, he can use this quite often. Both of his Final Smash summons, Midbus and Dark Bowser, do insane stuff to Bowser, especially Dark Bowser. If Fawful uses his Ultimate Smash, prepare to lose a stock.

So, what can Bowser do? I mean, the MU is 20-80, so Bowser obviously has something going for him. Well, let's just say that, by some miracle, you get close to Fawful as Bowser. Guess what? Fawful will most likely lose a stock. Bowser's insane power and killer grabs make it damn near impossible for even Fawful to escape. And with his poor close range game, he can do even less. The best he can do is pray that he has his Ultimate Smash ready.

Sadly, that's the only time a Fawful player will want you to get in- when he has 5 gauges. Fawful can, and will, totally wreck you any chance he gets, which is quite often. The only thing Bowser can be happy about is the Combo-Damage Meter: Bowser's combo's aren't very high in hit number. Sure, they're strong, but still. Granted, Fawful can KO well enough and he doesn't have many high hit combo's, either. This is Bowser, though- Fawful will spend longer than most Fawful players would want trying to get Bowser to lose a stock.

Overall... Yeah, this matchup is awful. It isn't hopeless, as Bowser can actually get some nasty stuff done if given the oppurtunity. Sadly, that oppurtunity never comes. Fawful is insane when fighting Bowser, and once again, I wish you all the luck of the world if you're ever in this matchup.



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