Ashley is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. She is often seen in her mansion in several Wario Ware games. When seen, she is mostly failing at something, be it a spell or a potion. By the end of her "levels", however, those failures have turned into successes. In Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, she is the final (as far as moveset completetion is concerned) of the game's three summoners. Of the three, she is the most mobile, while also having the most options from a distance. Kamek and Fawful, however, have her beat in terms of overall damage output and even combo capabilities.

...Although where she got a broom and a wand from someone that isn't Red is never specified.

Magic Wand & Red Wand

Ashley has two different fighting styles in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. The first invloves her using an average magic wand; nothing special. This magic wand gives Ashley some great summoning options. While these will be explained later on in, with the magic wand equipped, Ashley has an easy time keeping her opponent away, although she struggles when they get inside.

...Unless she switches to her Red Wand. Her Red Wand is, essentially, Red transformed into a magic wand. With this, Ashley's close range options are still pretty bad, but Red's summons work differently. Red gives Ashley some projectiles, as well as some good tools to escape from danger. However, Red cannot be used anytime; he has a charge of 30 seconds. More on this will be explained in Ashley's Specials section.

Pros and Cons





  • Up Taunt: Ashley looks up at the sky with a blank expression on her face.
  • Down Taunt: Ashley places the bottom of her broom on the ground, and leans on it, staring at the opponent. This taunt will not end until the player commands Ashley to stop (pressing a button; she won't stop until after two seconds have passed).
  • Left Taunt: Ashley spins in a circle, as a dark aura surrounds her as she does so. Provides some maximum contrast.
  • Right Taunt: Ashley points her broom at her opponent, and opens up a book of spells. She soon sighs and puts it away.

Ground Game

  • Jab (Magic Wand): Ashley pokes ahead of her with her wand. Pretty bad range, but the speed is really good; it starts on Frame 3 and ends Frame 5. That's insane. You can use this move as a pretty good poking tool if you're insanely close to your opponent (even though you'll never want to be that close to your opponent as Ashley). Unfortunately, as mentioned before, the range is just bad; Ashley's wand isn't very long, and she isn't very large, herself. Basically, the move covers the distance of about 40% of her. Not a very good move, but a move that might have uses. The attack deals 4%.
    • Jab (Red Wand): Very similar to her regular jab, only now it has a little bit of added range to it, as red holds out his pitchfork while using this move. The range still is horrid, covering the distance of about 60% of Ashley's body (seeing as how she's one of the shorter characters, that's not a good thing). She also loses her speed advantages on this move for a bit od added damage (the attack deals 8%), which is, in this case, a horrible exchange.
  • Dash Attack (Magic Wand): Ashley swings her wand at her opponent in a horizontal fashion, while dashing; in contrast to Kamek, who does it vertically. This means the range is much better, and due to Ashley's solid mobility, this actually isn't a bad dash attack. It isn't very useful, as once again, it's a physical attack of Ashley's, so the damage is very weak. This wouldn't be too bad if this wasn't a Dash Attack, because these are often punishable, and Ashley is no different. If this is perfect shielded, Ashley has a lot of room to be punished. Use sparingly. The attack deals 7%.
    • Dash Attack (Red Wand): This is a bit similar to her Dash Attack. Instead of swinging her wand while dashing, she doesn't dash; she stops short and swings Red horizontally. This is a bit better than her Dash Attack, with the improved damage and the removal of a nearly guarenteed punish. It's still pretty easy to punish, though, so use it sparingly. A bit less sparingly than her regular dash, but still. The attack deals 9%.
  • Ftilt (Magic Wand): Ashley mutters "Hocus Pocus" as a wind pushes the opponent backward. This is a good move, albeit a very strict one. It's strict because the way the wind flows is very specific: The wind only flows in a straight line. The location is around the middle of Ashley's hair, to give an idea of where it goes. This means it's not a very good edgeguarding tool, but it is a great way to get the opponent out of Ashley's hair (AW HAW HAW). That's the main thing that makes this move good; it's a strange case of having a Ftilt act as an Anti-Air. The Red Wand version of this is the same move. The attack also deals damage, albeit very little; it deals 5%.
  • Dtilt (Magic Wand): Ashley stares at the ground and points her wand to the ground. If the opponent is directly in front of Ashley, they will be grabbed by "evil looking hands". If an opponent is not directly in front of her, the hands will grab the air and shrink back into the ground, making Ashley unpleased. This move does count as a grab, so it does break shields, which is quite odd for something like a Dtilt. However, the move does have some start-up, so the opponent may notice Ashley using this move and dodge out of the way. Not too bad of a move, although she has better ones. The attack deals 6%.
    • Dtilt (Red Wand): The opponent does not need to be directly in front of Ashley for this to work, although the opponent can still do a basic dodge to avoid it. It's much better as Ashley isn't as open for punishment when she uses this one, and while the start-up is still noticable (and punishable with a projectile), it's much easier to punish with. The damage is the same.
  • Utilt (Magic Wand): Ashley swings her wand in a rainbow arc, with "magic" surrounding it. The wand itself can hit the opponent if they're in a very strange position; it's easiest to hit Pichu, although even then it's quite tricky. Thankfully, the magic itself is much better, as it doesn't rely on Ashley's physical capabilities. The range is pretty good, it's fairly quick, and it makes for a wonderful Anti-Air. This is probably Ashley's only undeniably useful non-summoning attack, so make good use of it. Said attack deals 7%.
  • Fsmash (Magic Wand): Ashley holds her wand forward, and charges up a spell. When ready, she swings her wand forward and summons a dark ball to attack the opponent. This ball travels horizontally only. It does not lock on, although it does appear on the "line" where your opponent is. The move is very difficult to land, due to the fact that it is not a lock-on move. However, if you do manage to land this move, you'll be satisfied with the results, as it's Ashley's most damaging non-Final Smash move. The size of the ball depends on how much you charged it. At minimum charge, it's about half the size of... Pichu. It's puny. At maximum charge, it's only a bit smaller than King Dedede. It's not enormous, but it's surprisingly large for a move of a little girl. Any other charge has it at half the size of the largest one. At minimum charge, the attack deals 7% uncharged and 13% charged; at medium, it deals 11% uncharged and 16% charged, and at max it deals 14% uncharged and 19% charged.
    • Fsmash (Red Wand): With the Red Wand, the move locks on, making it much more lethal. It also deals several hits (be warned these hits are not natural combo's). This means you can follow it up with another one of Ashley's moves; as a drawback, however, each hit affects damage scaling, and the damage on each of the moves is decreased by 2%. It's still a great move for the lock-on feature alone. The size of the darkball is the same as with the Magic Wand. Uncharged it deals 3 hits, mid charge it deals 4, and max charge it deals 5.
  • Usmash (Magic Wand): Ashley looks at the sky and charges her wand upward this time. After she's finished, she will quickly swing her wand down, and a dark boulder will fall from the top of the screen. After it lands on the ground (regardless of whether or not it hit an opponent), Red will nervously run to the boulder and give it a mighty push. It will then roll offscreen; this can deal damage (regardless of charge it deals 7%), and it is nice that a Usmash can do all of this. Of course, it does mean that you cannot use your Usmash with the Red Wand (if you do, Ashley will automatically take out her Magic Wand). The boulder itself will randomly target an opponent in a 3/4 player match, but in a 1-on-1 fight, it will target the opponent. Don't expect it to hit if the opponent is quick or on the ground, though. Uncharged, the boulder deals 7%, and charged it deals 13%. Extremely weak, even for Ashley standards, but it's very safe, to say the least.
  • Dsmash (Magic Wand): Ashley takes out her broom, and holds it steadily. When ready, she will, with all her might, make... a powerful sweep. It may sound lame, but the jokes on you when the dust swept on the ground becomes a large dust ghost. Similar to her Fsmash, this ghost does not lock on, nor does it really target your opponent. It just floats in a straight line, and knocks your opponent back when it comes in contact. The longer you charge, the larger the ghost is. If the initial sweep hits the opponent, then they're actually hurt a bit (3% uncharged and 9% uncharged, to be exact), but the ghost itself will deal 10% uncharged and 15% charged if it comes in contact with the opponent. The ghost itself is great, and while it can be dodged/shielded, it's at least a safe move. The size of the ghost is similar to the Fsmash, but a bit different; anything but maximum charge gives you a ghost that's around Mario's size, and fully charging it gives you one that's around the same size of Captain Falcon. Can anyone say FALCON GHOST?
    • Dsmash (Red Wand): This is, essentially, the same thing, only the ghost is colored red. I mean, Ashley uses her broom for this, not her wand!

Air Game

  • Air Dash: Ashley is the only character to have an air dash in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, although it works just like a normal dash. It is used in the same way: Simply tap the Control Stick in the desired direction twice, and Ashley will dash. Ashley can dash in whatever direction she pleases; she dashes with her broom. Do note that whenever you use her ground dash, it does not lead into this one. Her ground and air dash are different.
  • Nair (Magic Wand): Ashley spins in a circle, twirling her wand to attack the opponent. Unlike most of Ashley's physical attacks, this is at least useful for being a "spin" move. All spin moves have the common Sex Kick aspect to them, so it's nice and long lasting. It's pretty weak, being a physical attack of Ashley's, but it still finds usage in it's duration. The attack deals 5%, and after the Sex Kick "kicks" in (AW HAW HAW) it deals 4%.
    • Nair (Red Wand): Fairly similar to her regular Nair. Ashley performs the same attack, but with a few differences. For one, the range is a bit better, as (similar to her Jab) Red holds out his pitchfork. This adds 2% to the overall damage, making it 7% (why that doesn't apply to her Jab is unknown). There is no sweetspot, as well; the attack will always deal 7%. However, it does take a bit longer to end, and the landing lag takes an extra 5 frames to end, although that isn't too bad.
  • Fair (Magic Wand): Ashley swings her wand forward, with an electric blast (lightning) spewing from the wand. The electric blast covers about 40% of Final Destination, which is impressive for an aerial. The fact that she has an aerial that's a projectile is a bit unorthodox, but it doesn't mean it's not useful. In fact, it's one of her better aerials, mostly due to the fact that it's a projectile. It's a very weak one, though; most other projectiles break through it. As a strange note, Kirby and King Dedede can Inhale it (although Wario cannot eat it). The attack deals 9%.
    • Fair (Red Wand): Red partially transforms back into himself (just the head) and spews out a fireball, returning back into wand form. The fireball is the exact opposite of the lightning: it travels full-screen and is a relatively powerful projectile, but it's harder to hit with due to the speed of it (it's slow). Also, as a little note: NEVER use this against Wario. Being opposite of the other one, Wario can eat this, and it even grants him fire breath, ala Superspicy Curry. Kirby and Dedede can still inhale it, but it's the same as inhaling a Bob-Omb; they will freeze in place and take 5%. Otherwise, the attack deals 7%.
  • Bair: Ashley takes Red and swings him behind her, while Red looks nervous. Despite being afriad, though, Red does hold out his pitchfork for added damage and range. And the range is indeed nice; while the damage is something that could be desired, it's an amazing poking/edgeguarding/get-me-outta-here type of move that Ashley can really abuse. A solid move, although don't try to use it offensively. It doesn't work very well. The attack deals 6%.
  • Uair: Ashley swings her broom upwards to attack the opponent. Like with the Dsmash, the Red Wand alteration is the same move, since she's using her broom and not Red. Unlike her Nair, this is more of the "Physical Ashley"; very, very weak. There's some solid range on this move, though, so it could make for a very solid Anti-Air. And who doesn't want to see Ganondorf get smacked with a broom? I sure do! The attack deals 6%.
  • Dair (Magic Wand): Ashley points her wand downwards as a black ball emutes from it. The design of the ball is similar to that of her uncharged Fsmash, although the speed traveled and damage dealt is much better. This is, in fact, Ashley's strongest attack that is not a Final Smash or Special. That doesn't mean it's very powerful, though; it's still pretty weak, and even though it's Ashley's strongest attack, it's not as powerful as multi-hit Dairs or Doc Louis'. The attack deals 12%.
    • Dair (Red Wand): It's essentially the same thing, but with some minor changes in the design. Similar to her Fair, Red spews a fireball instead of there being a ball, but the size, speed, and damage are the same. Red also coughs after using the move; again, a simple minor change. Still a solid move; everything that is listed above applies here.


  • Grab (Magic Wand): Ashley points her wand directly forward, as a magic "grab" is seen. If it misses, Ashley pulls it back in disgust. If it lands, then she pulls it back and attacks, just like all tether grabs. Also, like all tether grabs, the range is superior to grabs, but the ability to punish is insane; the grab begins on a nice Frame 10 (that's actually as fast as Yoshi's Pivot), and the grab itself ends on Frame 18. The animation doesn't end until Frame 73. Incredibly punishable. The dash grab has improved range and ends on Frame 70, but it doesn't begin until Frame 15 and stops Frame 21. Her pivot animation ends on Frame 66, and the grab data is the same as her standard grab.
    • Grab (Red Wand): It's... similar. Ashley does the same animation, but Red will jump out at the opponent instead. He will grab onto them (if he hits, of course), and then Ashley will do her standard grab. There's no difference in frame data or anything, but the range is slightly better on each. That little guy Red sure is handy! If he misses, though, he panicks at Ashley's look of disgust as he rushes back to her.
  • Pummel: Ashley bops the opponent with her Red/Magic Wand. Fast and weak, deals 1%.
  • Fthrow: Ashley tosses the opponent ahead. Seeing her do this to King K. Rool will make anyone's day. Also, a nice way to combo into her DTilt (Red and Magic). The throw deals 6%.
  • Bthrow: Ashley spins around and throws the opponent behind her. The knockback is surprisingly good, KOing Mario at around 170%. That may sound bad, but for Ashley it's pretty good. The throw deals 7%.
  • Uthrow: Ashley tosses the foe upwards. The amusement of King K. Rool in a situation like this is endless. Useless throw otherwise; deals 5%.
  • Dthrow: Ashley smacks the opponent on the head with her wand, causing them to fall to the ground. Can combo into her Dtilt. The throw deals 5%.


  • Special: Red, My Magic Wand!. Ashley says the name of this special, as Red appears from somewhere (let's assume her pocket). He then transforms into a magic wand, which Ashley grabs, putting her other one away. The same animation (and the same appearence) is used in Wario Ware Smooth Moves. As stated earlier, this is how you change between Ashley's Magic Wand, which has no limitations on its use, but is mostly inferior to the Red Wand. It's main use is to allow Ashley to do what she does best: Stay at a distance and summon. For that (and the fact that it has no limitations), it is very good.

The Red Wand, on the other hand, also doesn't give Ashley many offensive options. It does, however, give Ashley ways to get away from opponents. It offers her some solid pokes, giving her ways to get out if someone gets in on her. Combine this with her solid mobility and it can be really difficult to get in on Ashley. Of course, The Red Wand also keeps the solid summon abilities of the Magic Wand, making it far superior to the Magic Wand. However, there is one major drawback to Red.

After 30 seconds, Red will become exhausted and transform back into his regular self. Ashley will take out her Magic Wand immediately when he does this. Red will recover from this state over time; if Red was out for 23 seconds before being put away, it will take 23 seconds to fully heal him. You can take him out whenever you please, although do keep in mind the 30 seconds needed for Red. You can switch Red back early by pressing the Special button again.

Since this does heal over time, you can use it quickly and then switch wands to fit the situation. If you switch from Red to Magic, then you can actually cancel any of Ashley's moves and continue a combo. The main problem with this is that Ashley has so few combo options that this isn't really worth it. You can also cancel moves while changing from Magic Wand to Red, but the animation takes a bit longer, so you can't combo out of it. Thankfully Red gives Ashley ways to get out safely, so even though the move isn't very safe, it's easy to make up for it.

Overall, this is one of the most, if not the single most, character-defining moves in the game. It's up there with Knuckles Charge, really. Unlike said move, though, it's easy to learn; it does make Ashley, however, a difficult character to use properly. Learn how to use it, though, and you can really put your opponent in a dangerous situation - even if they're Yoshi (good luck on that one, though).

  • Side Special: I Summon Thee...!. Ashley once again says the name of the special, and closer her eyes. She then opens them, as a circle of darkness engulfs an area in front of her. The amount of distance in front of her depends on how long the Special button was held; the longer you hold it, the further it will go. It will automatically target your opponent's location, but if you didn't release the Special button at the right time, then the opponent will remain free, upsetting Ashley (much to Red's dismay).

If you do manage to land this move, though, the opponent will be engulfed by the darkness, and shall be stuck in that position for a certain amount of time. If the opponent has 0-50%, they will be stuck for 1 second. If they have 51-100%, they will be stuck for 2 seconds, and so on. This does go on endlessly, so if you manage to get your opponent to have more than 999%, they will be stuck for that amount of time, instead of the time for 999%. How often that would happen, though, is very little.

Once you get your opponent to 100%, this move becomes vital. Those two seconds will soon become insanely helpful for setting up some of Ashley's summoning nonsense. If you get your opponent to 200% (4 seconds), you can even perform a one-frame loop for a while. You cannot perform a one-frame infinite, although it would be cool if you could. After five or six (randomly decided) consecutive loops, the opponent will recover too quickly to allow the loop to continue.

Regardless, this is still a very good move to use when you want to keep an opponent away. After you get some solid damage racked up (which does take quite a while with Ashley), this move becomes invaluable. The attack deals 8%; it isn't the best method of racking up damage, itself.

  • Down Special: Arise, Evil Plant!. Ashley again repeats the name of the special. Then, she fires a blast from her wand at the ground. If she is using her Magic Wand, the blast will randomly fire onto the ground. The blast itself will knock opponents away, dealing a solid 10%. Then, from the location the blast hit, a giant, "man-eating plant" will burst from the ground, as seen in Smooth Moves. If this comes in contact with anyone in the air, it will bite at them. If it the bite is not air dodged (it is insanely quick; it's harder than it sounds), then the plant will throw them to the ground. The plant is a great source of damage, dealing 15%. Of course, when you see this, you can just avoid the air, but for some characters, that isn't very easy.

If you use the Red Wand, then something different happens. Ashley will still fire at the ground, and the blast will still deal 10%. However, instead of a man-eating plant bursting from the ground, a giant "copy" of Red will emerge after about 3 seconds. Ashley will stare at the ground during this time, and she is not safe. After the three seconds, she will glare at Red, who tries to make things better by laughing. However, making this giant copy of Red will tire him out automatically; he needs the full 30 seconds of charge to use this move, and he will use all of it up. Of course, you can take him back out afterwards, but he will only heal for the amount of time he was put away, as usual.

The giant copy of Red will, essentially, walk around the stage and attack your opponent. When the term "giant Red" is used, he's not really a giant, he's just much bigger than small Red is. Basically, he's around the size of Bowser; which, while it is large, is still nothing compared to K. Rool. Giant Red can be attacked, and after taking 65% worth of damage (66% at random times), the Giant Red will transform into a crow and fly away. His only method of attacking is by walking; he takes big steps, and kicks while walking. The kicks deal 15%, similar to the plant.

Both of these moves are incredibly useful, and really amplify why Ashley has potential as a summoner. Just like Fawful (who technically has two or three) and Kamek both have one certain defining move, this is Ashley's. The damage is great, and if you can get either to work, they will wreck. Of course, both have their consequences, so watch out for those.

  • Up Special: Fly, Magical Broom!. Ashley takes out her broom and rides on it. It's surprisingly similar to her air dash, although she doesn't dash; she simply flies on it. She doesn't fly slowly, but she doesn't dash. It's similar to Kamek's Up Special, although it's a bit faster (yay mobility). It also lasts shorter than Kamek's recovery (it lasts a total of 3 seconds), so make sure you do what you have to do before it runs out. This leaves Ashley in a helpless state, and unlike Kamek, she doesn't have Broom Cancelling to help her.

Final Smashes

  • Final Smash: Ashley's Trap. Ashley turns away from the opponent. She takes out a white doll, which was seen in Wario Ware Touched, and even in Smooth Moves. Her eyes then turn completely red as her face is engulfed in shadow. She turns around fires a beam at her opponent. This beam travels the entire stage, and in terms of height, it's about the size of King K. Rool. It's pretty big.

The damage is pretty poor for standard Final Smash standards. For Ashley standards, it isn't too bad, but it still could be better. This does break some shields, although it doesn't last long enough to break larger shields. It's certainly a good Final Smash, although it really has nothing to do with summoning, which is Ashley's strongest point. Still, getting a projectile (a beam, moreover) is never a bad thing. This Final Smash deals 34%. For an attack that can be used whenever just as long as you have one meter, it isn't too bad.

  • Battle Attack: Red Alert. Ashley calls for Red, who appears and gets ready to transform. Ashley then grabs Red, who asks why she grabbed him, and then leans back. She tosses Red at the opponent (auto-lock on). If Red comes in contact with the opponent, they will become dizzy; Red will turn to Ashley, who simply nods. After she nods, she will be able to move around as she pleases. Red will then punch the opponent (still dizzy), and begin a barrage of punches at the opponent. After about 10, Red takes out his pitchfork and crawls underneath the opponent. He then strikes their... "behind"... with his pitchfork, causing them to scream. Red then giggles and runs back to Ashley. If Red misses, Ashley will do nothing, making Red nervous; he then runs back to her. Red will deal, overall, 70%.

The lock-on feature is certainly nice. Any attack that involves physically using Red can be seen as a summon, so it can be compared to Kamek and Fawful's Battle Attacks. But since Fawful's Battle Attack is not a summon, it can only be compared to Kamek's. And sadly, Kamek's Battle Attack is superior. This is a very nice Battle Attack, with solid damage, freedom, and even a touch of humor. Kamek's Battle Attack, however, is qutie fantastic. Compare Red attacking his opponent to Kamek's seven minions, and the answer is quite clear.

Still, this is a great Battle Attack in its own right. It gives Ashley some much needed power on an attack, it locks on to your opponent, and it's clearly safe. If only it couldn't be blocked, it'd be one of the best in the game. While still great, it can't compare to Kamek's. And even though Fawful's Battle Attack isn't a summon, his is about even with Ashley's.

  • Ultimate Smash: Dark Spell Book's Power. Performed by holding Special for 2 seconds. Can be done in the air or on the ground.

Ashley takes out her wand (Magic or Red, whichever one is out currently) and fires a fairly generic blast at the opponent. If it hits, it will deal 10%... and that's it. No, what you really want to do with this attack is miss with it. That can be surprisingly difficult because this move has start-up (although it's mostly in animation), and when the opponent sees the animation, they instantly know to purposefully get hit. 10% isn't too bad for them. This does KO, though! ...At 450%, but still!

Regardless, if Ashley misses, then she will become angry and mutter, "Abysmal". Then, just like in Smooth Moves, a large spell book with a skull on the front will say, "I've got an idea that might help!". It then opens its mouth, and engulfs Ashley in darkness this time. When the darkness dissapears, Ashley will re-appear. She will be wearing black, her hair will be re-colored white, her Magic Wand will have bones on it, and Ashley's eyes will become completely black. Red will panic, while the spell book will laugh and say, "You're all set now!".

In this state, Ashley will be even faster than she is now; her speed will be inbetween that of Fox and Captain Falcon, just barely surpassing Fox. Her physical attacks will now deal 2x the damage, and her summons will deal 1.7x the original damage, in contrast to the "transformation" Ultimate Smashes that grant 1.5x the damage (although Ashley's damage output is poor, so that's obvious) on all moves. Moves involving the Red Wand will be classified as summons only if they do for the Magic Wand as well; moves that involve Red physically attacking are classified as summons.

While she doesn't gain any other changes, which is pretty upsetting for an Ultimate Smash, it still beats getting nothing... Darned 10%. If you manage to actually miss with this attack, it can really help change the tide of battle. When Ashley is KO'd, the book can be heard screaming, "You're not ready yet!". She will then return to her normal form. If she wins the match in this form, her victory poses will change. Overall, this isn't a bad Ultimate Smash, just make sure it does not hit under any circumstance.

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