In Battle Royale, Classic Mode returns. At a point in time in Battle Royale's development, this was called "Arcade Mode". Until further notice, this will be referred to as Arcade Mode on all character pages; however, this is Classic Mode.


The story in Classic Mode is a simplified version of The Battle Arena. Master Hand calls together the entire (currently unlocked) roster of Battle Royale to have a showdown; the winner will face Master Hand in a battle. The winner will have what is vaguely described as "one wish granted". With different goals in mind, each of the smashers prepares for battle.

Each character has an intro which shows what their intent is and why they accept Master Hand's challenge, sometimes among other things. They also have an ending to show what the resolution of Master Hand's challenge is; after the ending, the credits roll, and a traditional Smash ending is shown: A few small clips of whoever you're playing as, followed by a snapshot with the text "Congratulations!" appearing on screen.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a random battle: A simple 1 vs 1 fight. Your opponent starts with one stock, and you start with 1-5 stocks (see the Options section below). You can fight anyone in the roster for this battle, but only if they are unlocked. This is generally a very easy battle.

Stage 2