All-Star Mode is a playable mode in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. Unlike most other modes in Single Royale, there's no plot. You just pick a character and clear on through. Unlike Brawl, there's no fixed pattern: You fight characters at random. All 66 characters. However, ??? is always the final battle. You get a snapshot of the character when you clear the game, similar to Brawl, Melee, and even the original.


All-Star Mode is about as simple as it gets. You fight every single character in the game until they're all beaten. The first 65 characters are chosen at random; however, the 66th opponent is always ???. After you defeat an opponent (or a team), you can grab a Heart Container and fill up your health. Unlike pase games, you also get 5 Maxim Tomatoes, since BR's cast is so big. Also, like Melee, you will sometimes get trophies. Not much else to say aside from that.


Aside from the prizes you obtain for a characters Reward Wall, you can also obtain the following:

  • Several trophies, full list coming soon.
  • Mini-All Star Mode (Clear All-Star Mode with 10 different characters)
  • All-Star mode added to Storybook Royale (clear All-Star mode once)

More to come.

Mini-All Star Mode

Mini-All Star Mode is a much smaller All-Star mode. Instead of fighting 66 characters, you only fight 35 opponents (ala Brawl); you can also use assists. You don't gain rewards, however you do get a Notice for clearing it once, as well as with all characters.